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Focused On Your Family’s Best Interests

When you think of a family law dispute, it’s possible that divorce is the first issue that springs to mind. Divorce is one of the most common services a family law attorney provides, but it’s not the only one.

At Griffin and Griffin, our attorneys use the law to help our clients bring families together, keep their families together and when necessary, separate families as peaceably as possible. We are attorneys H. Caleb Griffin and Esther Griffin, the husband-and-wife team that is ready to resolve your family’s legal concerns.

Whether you are welcoming a new member to your family or beginning a new chapter in your life, we can identify the most efficient way to reach your goal.

Our Family Law Services

Our Glen Burnie Firm has advocated for individuals and families since 2013. We are able to navigate legal procedures smoothly, saving you time and money. It is our goal that you can address your concerns and move on.

We represent clients struggling with problems that include:

  • Divorce and separation: Whether you want to put a pause on your marriage or end it, we will work with you to negotiate favorable terms for custody, support and property division.
  • Custody: We help unmarried parents and parents pursuing separation or divorce protect their parenting rights. If you need to modify the terms of your custody agreement or enforce these terms, we can represent you in post-judgment proceedings.
  • Child Support: Whether you’re a struggling single parent receiving little to no child support, or you’re being crushed by a child support order that’s too burdensome, you’re likely to be better off with an attorney. We can help you discover and fight for your rights.
  • Father’s rights: If you are seeking access to your child, we can help you take steps to establish paternity or strengthen the terms of your custody agreement in post-judgment proceedings.
  • Adoptions: A number of countries have recently erected new barriers to the adoption of their children by U.S. citizens. If you’ve run into issues getting your adopted child out of his country or if you are just beginning the adoption process, Griffin and Griffin are the experienced attorneys you want to call.

This list is not exhaustive. If you are facing another type of family law conflict, you should contact us to learn how we may assist you during negotiations or representation in a Maryland courtroom.

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