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Briefs By Griffin, A Service For Lawyers

Lawyering can be stressful and time-consuming. Many of us long for a better work/life balance. Of course, the key is to work smarter, not harder. Stop wasting your time struggling through research and writing. Focus on your strengths.

Today, you can …

  • Reduce your occupational stress
  • Increase your time flexibility
  • Take on more clients
  • Offer better customer service
  • Take your practice to the next level

By skipping the stuff you hate and using Briefs by Griffin.

“My strengths as an attorney are marketing and persuasive argument in the courtroom. When I started using Briefs by Griffin, it freed me up to spend more time doing what I love, which means more profit in my pocket.”

Raymond Griffith, Esq., a top immigration lawyer


I provide immigration briefs, motions and memoranda for all forums, including the trial level, the Board of Immigration Appeals, the federal circuits, the Administrative Appeals Unit and USCIS. I’ll respond to those impossible RFEs and NOIDs, too. I’ll write it the way you want it written.

About Caleb:





Hello, my name is Caleb Griffin and I’m a writer. It’s my greatest passion. To me, a well-written brief is a work of art to be admired, and I would love to create a masterpiece for you.

I’m a longtime professional writer, legal researcher, Georgetown University Law Center graduate, a former judicial clerk and a fellow immigration law practitioner.

Is This Legit?

In short, yes. Here are two opinions issued by the American Bar Association approving of the practice of contract or freelance attorneys providing brief writing services. #1. ABA Formal Opinion 00-420. #2. ABA Formal Opinion 08-451.

How Does It Work?

It’s rather straightforward. You’ll email or tell me your writing and research needs. We’ll sign a contract that protects both of us. You’ll make a payment and send your data. I’ll write and deliver to you a brief that meets your specifications. You’ll find that I’m very easy to work with.

Contact Me To Learn More About My Services

For your convenience, you can reach my Glen Burnie Office using my online contact form or by dialing 443-782-5566.